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We offer a bespoke menu service with dishes tailored to your occasion, preference and budget

With the current restrictions in France, we still can't go to restaurants and chefs are not allowed to cook in your kitchen but we can still enjoy delicious wholesome food with our loved ones at home or outdoors. 

For picnics, private lunch and dinner events, write to us and let us take care of the food. We deliver directly to your door, using eco friendly packaging.

You can also order from our online menu for evening deliveries and picnic pickups, up to the day before. For personalised orders, get in touch directly with us.


We are a team of passionate chefs with a mix of styles and backgrounds, specialising in private catering and events. 


If you are looking to cater for a special event, a corporate meeting, or if you are in need of a private chef to take care of all the food and shopping for your holiday, get in touch today. 

We have the perfect chef for you!

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Allen is our creative Head Chef and co-founder. With 20 years experience cooking up colourful feasts around the world, he has a menu to suit any occasion... Fine dining, vegan food, BBQs or Weddings.


Based in Morzine, Yan is our specialist in private catering for ski chalets and mountain fare. He is passionate about healthy eating, Asian flavours and sustainable practices. 


Jon and Allen have been working together for many years now and as executive Chef of the 'Farm House Project' in the Algarve, our community stretches all the way from the mountains to the Sea.

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