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WE COOK! in collaboration with talented chefs, local businesses, artisans and wellness instructors, we plan fund raising events and offer catering for special occasions and retreats.

All the funds secured are invested in Fundacion Maia Luana and our chosen charities.


We work in collaboration with local chefs and entrepreneurs to offer you catering and wholesome food at our fundraising events.

We are a non-profit organisation and as such, we donate some of the funds to local and global charities and use the other portion to invest in our humanitarian project 'Fundación Maia Luana' based in Santa Marta, Colombia. in aid of children without access to education or medical treatments and in support of single mothers with low resources.


We operate as a collective. With the generous help of local talents we are able to offer food and organise fundraising events.

How You Can
Help Us

By hiring a chef through us, supporting our local events or simply by donating here. Every cent counts, no donation is too small.

Keep Track Of
Your Donation

We are committed to sending you an update every 3 months. When you donate to specific charities through us, like Yoga Stops Traffick, we will send you a personalised certificate with your donation details.


We will be in Colombia this spring 2023, documenting our progress step by step. In the meantime, we will be raising funds through market style stalls and other small events. 

a Partner

If you would like to make regular donations or become part of the team to help plan fundraising events, send us a message.

Eat Well
Make A Difference

Eat our food at our market stalls or pop up events. With every cent spent you are making a real difference in the world. By donating to us you are changing children's lives in real time.


Image by Caroline Hernandez


Nurturing the children of the world, one donation at a time.

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