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Thank you for visiting our 'Wellbeing' page. We consider a wholesome lifestyle to be fuelled not only by delicious and nutritious food but also by mindful practices and a lot of self care. We are really excited to share with you a list of wellbeing services and activities, hosted and created by a bunch of talented and passionate people. Find out more about them by clicking below, book a class, treatment, or consultation directly through each website or contact us.

Samasta Yoga


'May everybody, everywhere be happy and free and may my actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all'

Allen's classes are inspired by mountain sports and surfing. His ashtanga series combined with pranayama is a fun and friendly approach to a more contemporary practice suitable for all abilities and designed to make you feel supple and energised.

- Morzine -


Yoga Snow

I trained in Baptise Inspired Hot Power Vinyasa and went on to develop a passion for Yin Yoga, Myofascial release and QiGong. My classes are accessible to all levels and I’m more interested in helping you release what doesn’t serve, than bending you into a pretzel.


I am eternally inspired by nature, particularly the mountains and whether teaching in the UK or the Alps my intention is to enable you to find your inspiration too.

- Morzine -

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