Our head chef and co-founder Allen Muriel, has 20 years of experience in the industry.


Working in award winning restaurants from London to Sydney has allowed him to develop a unique style with influences from all corners of the world.


His approach to cooking is creative and generous with a deep sense of sustainability and nutrition, shaped by the time spent in vegetarian and plant-based kitchens during his travels around the globe.  

Allen has directed various award winning kitchens in his homeland, Cornwall, UK, where he could explore the use of seasonal produce and evolve his love for natural flavours and colourful food,

which later led to making his dream of settling in the French Alps come true. Here, he has created a platform for chefs to work together and develop exceptional menus for all your private catering needs in the local area and western Europe, marking an important step in our mission to  bring the world together with amazing food

and exciting flavours. 

Allen Muriel head chef.jpg