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The Fresh Community Becomes a Non-Profit

Karina Celis

1 janv. 2023

We are now a non-profit foundation! Join the journey.

The FRESH Community began as a vision to gather people together to share delicious, nutritious and colourful food while supporting local enterprises and sustainable ways of life.


Founded in 2021, FRESH took its first steps in Morzine, FR as a plant based take-away during the pandemic and developed as a private catering service for chalets and retreats.


Since then we have organised several campaigns for charities like Yoga Stops Traffick, UNICEF and Montagne Verte in collaboration with other small businesses and with the help of our talented local suppliers. We are proud to say that all of our work has in some way promoted a local economy and helped global communities through our donations and non profit work since the early days.


Sustainability, kindness, wellbeing and wholeheartedness are the 4 pillars of this community and we believe that we can extend these values to other communities around the world. In light of this mission, we have magnified our fund raising efforts and became a humanitarian non-profit organisation in aid of the children and single mothers of Santa Marta, Colombia.


We will continue to support our local and global charities, and we hope to increase our impact with all the funds secured through our catering services and pop-up events.


If you know us already, thank you for being part of this journey and if you are just getting to know us, I hope that we can cook for you some time and that together we can make a difference in the world. 




Karina Celis


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