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We are a humanitarian non-profit organisation, raising funds through wholesome food and events in collaboration with small local businesses and entrepreneurs in France and Colombia in aid of the children and single mothers of Santa Marta and other non profit organisations with a similar mission.

What We Do &
How It Works

All the money we raise during our events and private catering is donated to global charities and invested in our organisation, based in Colombia. Fundación Maia Luana.





This non-profit foundation is our registered name in Colombia. Based in Santa Marta, the home of Sierra Nevada and 4 indigenous communities. 


Santa Marta is a truly magical place, where the fresh water from the coastal mountain range meets the ocean. A place where love meets the wisdom of nature.


‘Fundacion Maia Luana’ is a space to nurture the youngest generations and provide care and education for those minorities who don’t have all the options we often take for granted on this side of the globe. 


1: We provide didactic support for children between 6 months and 3 years without access to education.


2: Educational and psychological support for single mothers.


3: A pop-up clinic for children without access to medical care plus a clinic in the mountain of Sierra Nevada for indigenous children.

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